Thirty-five years and counting…

This week I celebrated my 35th birthday. Somehow, I suddenly felt old. I have been pondering about this. It is as if I am now definitely no longer part of a younger generation. Which was subtly but clearly confirmed by what I saw on television on my birthday. I watched a (Dutch) talkshow that hosted a group of teenage girls who were crazy about the newest boys band (of which I don’t remember the name). They had waited for hours to get tickets to the band’s concert and would do anything to get near these boys. To put it in a historic perspective, the host of the show started talking about The Beatles. ‘Have you ever heard of The Beatles?‘, he asked the girls, just to be sure. No. They had never heard of The Beatles. While I didn’t grow up in the sixties and seventies, my parents did, and I at least got to know the music of The Beatles through them. All not that important, you can live happily without knowing The Beatles, but the fact that there is a generation that has never heard of the Beatles makes me feel old. And it makes me wonder what else they don’t know. Have the heard of the Second World War? Ever heard of the bible, or Jesus? Not that it is all on the same level of importance, but it just makes me wonder..

In any case, I am getting older, and I hope to live for many more years. And I am happy about it. All I can do is count my blessings and praise the Lord for it. So to continue an old habit of counting gifts, here goes:

282. My 35th birthday, celebrated with friends and apple pie

283. A brand new laptop, thanks to my lovely husband

284. The beforementioned husband 🙂

285. My three wonderful children and the song they composed for my birthday

286. Health

287. Discovering the richness of plant-based food

288. Interesting books

289. A phonecall with parents

300. Birthday wishes from all over the world

301. Counting gifts as a family – finally a notebook out there on a little table, with a candle next to it, to remind us of God’s love and neverending grace

302. One year in Tanzania!

303. Writing this blog – after 5 months of silence here

May you all, younger or older, count your blessings and experience the grace and love of God!


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