Reflections on blogging

I started this blog in April 2007. In that first post, I explained why I felt the need to write and to share my writings with the rest of the world. We lived in Iquitos at that time, a big and busy city in the middle of the Amazon rain forest, and island in a sea of trees. It was always hot and I had two little children under my care – a 2.5 year old boy and a 1-year old girl, taking up almost all of my time. It felt like the days were passing without any meaning, without doing anything significant. Of course I knew it is very meaningful to take care of your own little children day by day, but it was not always easy to experience it that way. That’s why I decided to start writing. To challenge myself to find something worthwhile, something interesting or beautiful to write about, every day. This would also help me remember what those days with little kids looked like.

So I started writing. And I wrote regularly till August 2011. By that time I had started homeschooling our then 6 year old son and spent more time writing on our homeschooling blog Thuisindetropen. At the same time, we kept a family blog that is even older than this one – and more neglected as well.

On this Pachamama blog I have written about anything that interested me: daily life in a foreign culture, life with little children, child raising, education, books (and more books), homeschooling, faith, nature, holiday trips, food, and much more. I actually wonder why I stopped writing. Lack of time is always a good excuse, but maybe I just lost interest, I lost my passion for writing.

So this is what I am trying to do. I want to rediscover my passion for writing. It seems that I always have to be passionate about something – and this passion changes over time, depending on what is going on in my life. It has been child raising (attachment parenting!) education (homeschooling!) and food (plant based!). And I always seem to take ‘The road less traveled by’. I still care a lot about the things I used to be passionate about, and I haven’t changed my opinions about them. I really enjoyed writing about it and sharing my passion.

And now? Am I in need of something new, a new thing I can be passionate about? Maybe. But there is one underlying theme that has always been important to me, one constant in my life, that has always been there, be it more or less apparent over time: my faith in Jesus, King and Saviour of the world. Everything else relates to that.

Thus I will continue writing, about anything that moves me, anything that interests me and anything that is worth sharing. Because sharing is caring, as my children learn in school :-). My prayer is that what I share from my life may somehow be encouraging and inspiring to others.

Writing is creative, writing is an art. And everyone needs a bit of art and creativity in life.

For more reflection on blogging as a Christian, read these great posts by Ann Voskamp:

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  1. Jodi Swanson · · Reply

    I should have known you liked Ann Voskamp! I am inspired by you! I have wanted to blog this whole past year but there were some hard and dark times and being more private, I didn’t want to blog about them. However, I love looking every day for something positive to write about. Not necessarily denying or excluding hard stuff, but finding also something that increases my passion. I’m with you!

  2. Hi Jodi, thanks for your comment! I am looking forward to reading your writings :-).

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