Another year

I barely recovered from the shock of turning 35 and now another year has already passed. It was a year of changes and our second year in Tanzania – a year of finding my place here.

Shortly after my 35th birthday, I started teaching at a small playgroup for children from 2-5 years old, from different nationalities. I enjoyed being with the kids, but to be a teacher of those little ones was a bit of a challenge and it was not something that fitted me very well. At the end of the school year, in June, I decided to stop working there. Olivia was part of that playgroup, but she was going to the ‘big school’ after the summer holidays. Time for me to move on as well.

In August, our three children started school again and I suddenly had a lot of time to myself. I decided to take the time to consider what to do in this new phase in my life. At the beginning of the school year, I became Sunday school coordinater for Arusha Community Church. I also started running regularly, about three times a week. I enjoyed the freedom and the time I had, but by the time it was October, I realised I needed something more. A bigger challenge, something that would fit my talents, something I could be passionate about. I signed up for Swahili lessons again (not something I am very passionate about, but definitely a challenge!) and I started looking for a job. I was very blessed to find a job as a consultant for Kilimo Markets, shortly after that. I started working there last week and had my first field visit yesterday.

So here I am, 36 years and counting… my blessings. I started counting gifts a long time ago, but I don’t always write them down. If I had, I am sure I would have reached 1000 by now, but I’ll just continue where I left off last year.

304. A sunny birthday morning

305. Many lovely friends, near and far

306. My wonderful family

307. A new job

308. A fit and healthy body that allows me to enjoy running

309. Learning Swahili again

310. My life, just as it is, right now

311. The gift of writing

Read last year’s post here: 35 years and counting.


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  1. Henrike · · Reply

    Martine, wat een mooi stukje weer 🙂 Leuk om te lezen waar je allemaal mee bezig bent. Lijkt me inderdaad best vreemd om langzamerhand weer meer zelfstandig te worden omdat de kids zelfstandiger worden.. Ik hoop dat je een mooie verjaardag hebt gehad! Liefs

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