Falling down

I sometimes feel like Alice, falling down the rabbit-hole, that turned into a well, on her way to Wonderland. Falling down is not a particularly nice feeling, and I cannot be as relaxed about it as Alice is in the story. On my way down, I try to get a hold of the things I see passing by, in the ‘cupboards and bookshelves’ on the sides of the well. Mainly of books. I read a bit here and I read a bit there, hoping that these books will somehow give me insight in how to prevent falling too deep or landing too hard.

But eventually, the fall ends. I land and find myself deep down in the well. Unlike Alice, I don’t jump on my feet and rush of to discover what is ahead of me. Surprisingly, I find a bible laying next to me. I start to read, here and there, and meditate on the words. I find hope, inspiration, courage, wonder. I pray. Suddenly a ray of light shines down the well. It gives me strenght to get on my feet and discover the world ahead of me, to find my way out of this well.

Untill I fall down again.

{This post was originally posted on eatpraylovelivewrite, May 8, 2015}


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