Quiet time during the holidays

Some years ago, I realised I wanted to work on the habit of daily taking time for bible reading and prayer. A quiet moment in the day of reflection and meditation really helps me to keep perspective, to stay focused on what is important and to not fall down the well.

But how to find time for reading and prayer, how to find a quiet moment in a busy day? And what is the best time? Ideally, I have my quiet time in the morning, as that gives me a good start of the day. But that has not always been possible. When I had little kids that woke up before I did (and before I wanted to), there was no way I could have my quiet time in the morning. And trying to get up before your kids is not a good idea for exhausted mothers.

So then I came up with this: I would use the first quiet moment in the day for my time of reading and prayer. That has looked different over the past years. And even different from day to day. It could be the moment I arrived home after taking the kids to school, or the time the youngest finally took a nap. Or there would just be no time at all during the day. Then I would read and pray at night, when all the kids were in bed, sleeping (or not).

Now that all three kids are in school, it is relatively easy. I get up at 6am, make breakfast, wake up the kids and get them ready for school. By 7.15 they take the school bus and I still have the whole day before me. I eat breakfast, then take time to read the bible and pray and am ready to start my day.

But now, during the holidays, I get up whenever I feel like it (or when the kids start asking for food) and the moment for quiet time somehow slips away. I will have to make an effort of taking that time again. Not because I must, but because I miss it.

66 coffee buttonWhat helped me to instill this habit of daily bible reading and prayer, was to use a reading schedule. I started reading ‘the bible in a year’ in January 2013 and have followed that schedule since then. I never actually managed to read the whole bible in a year, so I guess that’s why I do it every year again. And I still discover new things!

So, how do you start your day? Do you take time for reading, reflection, prayer, meditation? What does that look like? And what is the best time for you? Thanks for sharing!

{This post has been published before on eatpraylovelivewrite, June 22, 2015}


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