Organise & Inspire

Last school year is long gone, the new year has already started! Last year for me was a year of trying new things and finding out how to best spend the ‘extra’ time I had with all three kids in school. However, the extra time I thought I would have, was not as much as I had expected. Or maybe I couldn’t do as much during that time as I had hoped. But it was good to find out where the boundaries of a busy mother lay: starting a new job, doing an online course, organising Sunday school, attending bible study group, managing the household and attending to the needs of all household members all at the same time was maybe a bit too much of a good thing. And running regularly, of course. Or reading a good book every now and then. And blogging, and meeting with friends, and… The number of possible activities is endless!

By the end of the year, I started thinking about what it is that I really like to do and what I am really good at doing. It seems to make sense to focus on those things. Two words came to my mind: Organise and Inspire.

I like to organise things. Not in the sense of organising a birthday party (not at all my favourite thing to do), but in the sense of making sure that everything runs well and that things are all in place. I like to make schedules and to use them. Both at home and for things like Sunday school, bible study group, etc. Organising and making schedules may sound very dry. I only like to organise because it makes my life easier. Things run more smoothly when I know what to expect and what my days will look like (although many unexpected things always happen here in Tanzania!).

Organising my life gives me more time for what I find most important. On top of that list is what I call in one word: Inspire. I like to be inspired by reading good books (including the bible) and by hearing people’s stories and perspectives. I also hope I will be able to inspire others. I don’t know if I have much to offer, but I like to write, to teach, to share, to preach. I would like to keep doing that – hoping that what inspires me will also inspire others.

I don’t know what this year will bring, but it helps me to have a focus: Organise & Inspire.

What are you good at? What are your two (or three) words to describe what is central to what you like to do? Please share in the comments!

{This post has been published before on eatpraylovelivewrite, August 12, 2015}


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