Time is holy

ClocksAt the beginning of a new school year, I often think about how I can use the time I have in the most meaningful, efficient en enjoyable way. I like to plan. I plan my days, my weeks, my year. And I have always more plans than I will ever have time for!

This morning I thought about what my days look like, and which parts of the day I like most, and least. I like to be productive and creative and I love to get things done. So I tend to prefer that part of my day when I have focused and uninterrupted time; when I am all by myself. I am also an introvert, so it actually energizes me to be working and writing all alone.

But this precious, productive time is scarce. A day has only so many hours, and there is a lot that needs my attention. I could see that as a distraction from what I actually want to do, or I could see it as time well spent in its own right. Every moment is holy. All the time given to me is equally valuable.

So instead of rushing through all those hours and activities that are keeping me from my work, my dreams and my accomplishments, I want to cherish and enjoy every moment of the day. For ‘there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens’ (Ecclesiastes 3:1).

I applied this idea to what my days look like and made it more visible by dividing my day in ‘blocks’. These are the blocks that build my days, and thereby my weeks, my months, my year, my life.

Block 1 “Start-up time”. This includes just getting up and having breakfast, but also getting the kids ready for school, reading the newspaper, reading the Bible & prayer, running (some days) and planning. I like to take my time for this. If I don’t, I will be rushing through my day and be exhausted before the day has ended. This will usually take me up to 9 or 10 in the morning.

Block 2 “Productive time”. Once I am ready to start my day, I can be focused and productive. On some days, I will go out for groceries or to meet friends for Christian fellowship, but on other days this is the time to write, study, work and to get things done. The good time :-).

Block 3 “Kids time”. My ‘alone time’ ends as soon as the kids come home from school, or when I have to leave to pick them up. This is usually around 2-3pm. Instead of regretting having to stop whatever I was doing, I choose to be there for my children, with my full attention. They have stories to tell, homework to do and they need time to play and relax. I will also make sure they get something to eat and I teach them their Dutch language lessons.

Block 4 “Rush hour”. By 5 in the afternoon, the busiest time of the day starts. I cook dinner, we eat, clean up, homework is finished, music lessons practiced – until it’s time for the kids to go to bed. This time of day often leaves me quite exhausted.

Block 5 “Down time”. Another favorite part of my day. I make myself a nice cup of tea (with chocolate, of course!) and just sit and relax. I sometimes use this hour to work or study a bit more, but it’s also a good time to watch a movie or series, especially when M. is around. I always like to stretch this time as long as possible, but going to bed on time is really not a bad idea either.

These five building blocks are roughly what my days consist of. Perhaps your days look very different from mine. I do have the luxury of planning my own time to a certain extent, but on the other hand much of my time is determined by the needs of other members of our household. All this time is holy time – I have to keep telling myself. It is all a gift, and it is all precious.

ClickHow do you plan your days? Or do you feel like you have no control over your time? Do you cherish every moment, or are there parts of your day you would rather skip or fast forward and forget about? If the latter is the case, try and watch the movie Click, in which a hardworking dad actually manages to fast forward time – with devastating results. {It is not the greatest movie ever nor am I a big fan of the main actor Adam Sandler, but the story is interesting enough.}


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