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A perfect day according to C.S. Lewis

In my last post I reflected on the best way to use my (God-given) time, under the circumstances of my actual life. To some, my approach may have seem self-centered. I then remembered a passage from a book by C.S. Lewis, where he describes his perfect day. I remember it still as it seemed quite ideal to me […]

Spiritual Practices {part 2}

In my last post, I mentioned two books that encourage us to put into practice a number of spiritual disciplines, in order to grow spiritually. In this post, I want to look at what these spiritual disciplines are, and how you can begin to actually practise them. The aim of spiritual growth is to become […]

Spiritual Practices {part 1}

Spiritual. A word with many meanings and interpretations. When I think of spirituality, I think of everything that has to do with the spiritual, as opposed to the physical. There is more than what you can see, touch or feel. The spiritual has to do with the connection between my spirit and God’s Spirit. This is […]

Read. Think. Write.

I have always liked to read. Reading relaxes me and it gives me a chance to learn something new, to gain insight in any topic I am interested in at any given time. I usually read a number of books on the same topic, or in the same area. I like to dive deep into […]

A year of reading – A year of prayer

 At the beginning of this year I decided to read the whole bible in one year. I did this with the help and support of the online community 66 Books in a Year. On the website you can find a reading schedule, with four readings per day. On January 1st you start with Genesis 1, Matthew […]

Dagboek van een planteneter – een half jaar later

Het is inmiddels een half jaar geleden dat ik kennismaakte met De Planteneter en met volledig plantaardige voeding. Mijn interesse was al snel gewekt en na het volgen van de gratis 7-daagse Basiscursus Planteneten ging ik verder met de vervolgcursus Word een planteneter in 28 dagen. Allemaal erg interessant en motiverend. Het lukte me om […]

Mooie boeken

Ik ben verhuisd! Niet alleen trokken wij de halve wereld over – van Peru naar Tanzania – maar ook dit weblog is verhuisd. heeft de viool in de wilgen gehangen, en Pachamama is nu ondergebracht bij WordPress. Helemaal geen straf; ik kom daar vaker. Kijk maar eens bij en bij Nu de […]