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Ascension Day

This morning I was reading a few verses from the book of Hebrews (in the bible). It is a letter to Jewish Christians, mainly dealing with the differences between Judaism and Christian faith. It emphasizes how Jesus Christ is the centre of the faith and that he has taken the place of the ‘high priest’, who used to offer animal sacrifices and […]

When a friend loses his faith – as a missionary

So it happens sometimes: a missionary losing his faith on the mission field. Like a soldier becoming a pacifist in battle. It may be hard to imagine, and shocking when you find out, but it does happen. So it happened to a friend of ours, serving as a missionary in Asia. After years of living with […]

Is the Lord your Life?

Friday is my writing day (yay, love to write!). Yesterday I have mainly been writing on an exegesis of 2 Kings 17:7-8, as this was an assignment for my theology course. An exegesis is ‘an explanation or critical interpretation of a text’. And the text in this case is two verses from the 2nd book […]

Why study Theology?

It had been on my mind for a few years already – the wish to study theology. At some point in my life. Maybe. But when? And why? After some thoughtful consideration, I decided at the end of August this year that I should do it, starting in September. Now is as good a time […]

Spiritual Practices {part 2}

In my last post, I mentioned two books that encourage us to put into practice a number of spiritual disciplines, in order to grow spiritually. In this post, I want to look at what these spiritual disciplines are, and how you can begin to actually practise them. The aim of spiritual growth is to become […]

Spiritual Practices {part 1}

Spiritual. A word with many meanings and interpretations. When I think of spirituality, I think of everything that has to do with the spiritual, as opposed to the physical. There is more than what you can see, touch or feel. The spiritual has to do with the connection between my spirit and God’s Spirit. This is […]

Quiet time during the holidays

Some years ago, I realised I wanted to work on the habit of daily taking time for bible reading and prayer. A quiet moment in the day of reflection and meditation really helps me to keep perspective, to stay focused on what is important and to not fall down the well. But how to find […]