Category Persoonlijk

Dark Clouds

Sometimes it feels like I am being followed by a dark cloud. It doesn’t always come close, it often stays at a distance. But it is there. If I keep moving, the cloud can’t catch up with me. But if I stop, it may suddenly loom over my head. At night, there is no way to keep […]

Organise & Inspire

Last school year is long gone, the new year has already started! Last year for me was a year of trying new things and finding out how to best spend the ‘extra’ time I had with all three kids in school. However, the extra time I thought I would have, was not as much as […]

O nee, niet wxc3xa9xc3xa9r!

Had ik gisteren nou een beetje stof in mijn oog, of was het een wimperhaartje? Ik besteedde er niet zoveel aandacht aan, maar ik had toch wel de hele dag het gevoel dat er ‘iets’ in mijn oog zat. En toen zei Jhony (de buurjongen die Leon en Malou altijd ophaalt van school) ook nog […]